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Work Life Balance, Getting It Right

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Work Life Balance, Getting It Right

Date: 2017-03-06 Author: Dr. David J Lincoln
Many think of an ideal work/life balance like a mirage in a dessert. Mirage because, in their opinion, it is not achievable. However, nothing can be farther from truth. Work-Life balance, not only is very much achievable but also a desired trait of a successful individual. Organizations that struggle with the imbalanced work/life situation witness a range of issues like enhanced stress levels of employees, workplace conflicts, muted morale, attendance irregularities, decreased productivity, higher attrition and overall poor customer satisfaction ratings. No doubt that various surveys now put a healthy work life balance as one of the most desired characteristics of professional life today.

Employees too understand that neither of the two - either being a workaholic, who sacrifices the family life or being lazy at the office, focusing only on private matters, can be counter-productive in the long run.

Mastery over the art of juggling professional and personal life however can be achieved by all, thanks to the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming. And that’s how in a nutshell NLP can help you strike the right chords of work life balance:

Neuro - Being aware and conscious of your emotional and mental state;

Linguistic - Being mindful to identify which aspect of your life is being neglected and/or over emphasized and thus need a counterweight

Programing - Being ingenious to comprehend your roadmap and rewire your behaviour to bring about poise and equilibrium to your circumstances

In order to make work life balance possible, your work ethics need to mirror your value system. If your value system is weak, it will naturally reflect in your work environment, leading to loss of productivity and decreased levels of satisfaction. The vice-versa of this is true as well. If you do not love what you do or feel suffocated in your current job, this negativity will seep in to your personal life as well and affect your relationships, with others and with oneself.

So the prime step in achieving great work life balance is to love what you do and put passion in your job. This way, you not only develop a clear and inspiring vision of your future but also provide you with more time for life outside the work. See, the more clear you are about your vision, the less time and energy you spend in negative emotions like dissatisfaction, anger and confusion. All this translates to more time for your personal life.

Now that you have started to love your job and career, the next step in this journey is to consciously take more time for you life and not make the classic mistake of ignoring personal life and allocating more time to their jobs. Taking out more time for personal life ensures that you are not exhausted and burn out at the end of the day. Such a practice safeguards that your personal life does not gets put on hold and you fulfil your commitments in that sphere too.

Clearly using the methods of NLP you can achieve a sustainable work-life balance, nourishing your relationships and at the same time excelling in your career.