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Dr. David Lincoln & Rana Lincoln Das - Hero for NLP in India
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NLP FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: NLP stands for "Neuro Linguistic Programming" An often-used explanation is "The study of the structure of subjective experience", which some people complete by adding. "and anything that can be derived from it" Others have called it "An attitude and methodology," to which some people add," ...that leaves behind a trail of techniques."

Answer: NLP Practitioner (business focus) The ULTIMATE business NLP experience

The five-day NLP Practitioner programme has been specifically designed to address the needs of business people, offering the most comprehensive range of NLP tools yet.


We can run this at your premises, a nearby hotel or at our NLP headquarters in Goa. This course runs with a minimum of 10 participants and is fully certificated NLP Practitioner certified by ANLP (India)
Answer: See this short film to explain why you should do NLP

Answer: in this film, I highlight whom NLP is Beneficial for.

Answer: NLP is an art and a science see this film for more details.

Answer: here are just a few things you will learn on our NLP Practitioner programme. So what are you waiting for: call and book your place right now!

Answer: The starting point is the NLP practitioner programme. This is the gateway to all the advanced and applied NLP programmes. Once you complete NLP Practitioner level you can then enroll into the Master NLP programme or the NLP Psychotherapy programme.
Answer: This short film tells you how NLP can help in your personal development

Answer: see this short film about NLP and your professional life - enjoy.

Answer: What will NLP training do for me?

Build lasting relationships & partnerships through deep rapport
Use your training experience to increase your income potential
Develop formal and informal coaching and leadership skills
Understand the effective use of language as a skill of excellence
Use your NLP skills to increase your value in the workplace
Develop skills for better listening and assessing the exact time to interject and lead a conversation
Recognize how others are using language to influence you and regain control
Identify the unconscious, physical signs sent to you by others- read body language effectively
Use more than 50 methods for creating positive and lasting change from your clients and yourself
Have multiple perspectives on a situation to gain choice and leverage
Learn how to gain critical information from people to clear up misunderstandings and initiate change
Create and maintain the behaviours and emotional states of your choice for a higher quality of life
Identify what you genuinely want, and structure goals that will achieve it
Guide your team or your clients to become more resourceful… systematically, quickly and effectively
Develop a consistent and positive outlook and attitude
*Click here to see what co-founder John Grinder says*
Motivate yourself and others even when things aren’t going as well as you would like
Learn critical and essential information gathering skills
Use language patterns that influence and inspire others
Gain leadership skills that to motivate other people in a proactive way
Learn to give ‘feedback’ that people will accept and respond to
Identify and eliminate unwanted, limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones
Turn stressful situations into personally enhancing ones
Eliminate unwanted fears and phobias
Know how to resolve internal conflicts for your clients and yourself
Change unwanted habits and behaviours to productive patterns
Ensure that the skills you learn will work easily in the real world
*Click here to see what co-founder Richard Bandler says*
NLP helps in your self-discovery and enhances personality development as you will have better awareness about yourself.
NLP practitioners and trainers use this tool to bring out the best from the participants by enabling them to realize properly resulting into better communication and behaviour.
It helps you in becoming what you want by changing your thinking.
It helps you to think better thereby improving your learning skills as well as social and soft skills.
It helps you to align your goals effectively and efficiently.
It builds you optimism and confidence which are essential for all-round personality development.
It not only builds communication skills but also team building and leadership skills that are essential for professional success.
It promotes listening and observation skills thus helping to find the hidden data in any communication.
Through NLP techniques, you will be in a position to influence your audience through communication by gauging and analysing their body language. It helps you to become a successful public speaker.
NLP Applications

Personal Development

NLP offers unique ways to become more integrated and more aligned, so that regardless of your background, you experience your past as fully supporting the future you want. In whatever ways you desire growth, NLP meets it with respect and clarity, and awakens hidden strengths and abilities that lie within you.

Relationships and Communication

With family and friends, colleagues and co-workers, as you develop through your NLP experience, it becomes continually easier for you to effectively use the communication skills of NLP with the people in your life. These skills are the keys to all relationships, respecting yourself and others while bringing new resources to challenging situations.

Skill Development

Whether you want to be better at decision making, or motivating yourself, NLP gives you ways to model the thought patterns of those who do it well. These patterns support your skill development in the areas of your choice.

Professional Development

Participants from every profession share their excitement and increased fulfilment as they discover how NLP enriches their professional life. Since NLP matters in both skills and relationships, it supports you in becoming more effective in your career.


NLP negotiation skills help to achieve deeply satisfying and lasting agreements. Different opinions that emerge within organizations can be valuable contributions when viewed with NLP “filters”. In your professional, and also in family relationships, win-win agreements that serve all parties become natural and easy.
Answer: All training starts with the certified NLP Practitioner and from there you can take the NLP Master Practitioner programme. Once this is completed you are then qualified to do the NLP Trainers Training. This trainer training qualifies you to run your own programmes under the banner of ANLP (India) and the ECNLP.

Answer: NLP and healing, this video talks about healing

Answer: NLP was born in 1970's see this short film about where it came into existence and why

Answer: This short video tells how NLP helps everyone even you!

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