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How to make the sale with NLP

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How to make the sale with NLP

Date: 2017-06-06 Author: David J Lincon
The practical applications of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming stretch from personal to professional world. Countless are the ways by which an individual cognizant of NLP techniques can make use of skills learned.

However, what would be the one area where the knowledge of NLP can be “capitalized” in the professional world. It would be sales. What if we can help professionals already acquainted with the concepts of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming an expert in how to make sale with NLP. What if we can help NLP practitioners discover more effective ways and newer approaches to selling and become “closers” in true sense.

Is it possible? Yes. Will it be difficult? No.

Richard Bundler has been teaching numerous NLP techniques, but the real skill is combining them into business strategies that are far more powerful and productive. And what better and sound business strategy could there be apart from selling.

The “how to make sale with NLP” trivia can be unraveled with the basic but deep rooted knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and its methodologies. The tenets of NLP that can help one become master the art of selling are:

Body Language – Being aware of the body language of prospective buyer can divulge a ton of details about him/her. Such information can be used to modify the sales pitch accordingly.

Intonation – Awareness about intonation of self as well as others can be the perfect gauge of the underlying emotions and intentions. The knowledge of intonation can effectively be used to drive the conversation.

Time related grammar – Use of time related grammar in conversations with client can help immensely.

Embedded commands and questions–The hypnotic suggestions that disguise themselves in the form of embedded questions and embedded commands can make the client drop guard, let go of apprehensions and be more open to your suggestions.

Rapport building – The ability of relating to your prospective client in a way that creates and promotes understanding goes a long way in the area of selling. NLP arms you with this skill of building rapport with others.

Pacing and leading– Matching the body language and over all mannerisms of your client and then in turn dictating the terms the pace of the conversation will inculcate positive vibes during the sales pitch. 

Needless to say any individual can easily learn how to make sale with NLP in any situation by learning to engineer influence purposefully and quickly, courtesy NLP and its potent techniques.