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The Three Basic Things of Mind Training Programs

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The Three Basic Things of Mind Training Programs

Date: 2018-12-20 Author: NLP India
We all want to be an achiever in our own way, our reasons and perspective can be different from one another but we want to be the best in whichever field we are in. Some of us worry about our intelligence and decision making senses decline with age. Some seek to be brighter for our work. Some just want to be faster at solving that crossword puzzle. 

How much we deny but we need “training of brain”. We all know to remain fit physically we need to hit the gym and follow a strict routine of work out and balanced diet, but we tend to neglect that we also need to train our mind likewise. Just like we gain fat in our body, we become slow physically, similarly, we also become slow in the brain and like other parts of the body it needs training as well. 

There are plenty of courses available in the market to train the brain but one that Dr. David Lincoln gives is one of the best and effective. Dr David Lincoln being a psychologist and NLP trainer uses the most scientific approach towards the training of the brain and the results are absolutely visible.
Though nobody can tell you what will work best for your own individual needs unless you are ready for taking the teachings or wanting to get an analysis, there are three key things to know about brain-training programs. The knowledge won’t make you any smarter and neither will change your life, but it will help you understand the principles behind the training, and you will understand if it calls out to you.

First Rule, ADAPTIVE Training

We all love to play games, so let us discuss a simple analogy about playing Chess. If you wanted to be a better chess player or if you are just started playing chess how would you start? First of all you would learn about each and every player of chess and how do they move, how you can take advantage of each and every move, how will you protect the queen, then you slowly take up the game, you will lose a few games initially because you are still learning, but you won’t leave the game just because you are losing, you will keep practising unless and until you taste your first success, then second then third and so on.

The same concept applies to brain training. You certainly wouldn’t start working on your subconscious mind by studying twenty-item lists—the key is to begin simple and then slowly progress, but always at the limit of your capabilities. 

Once your brain is accustomed to slow progress but progress for sure, you now have to choose to expand your brain through some challenges, just like in chess games, once you start winning against the guys of your own level, and you have to challenge yourself to the people who are better than you. Hence challenging your brain is important through various tasks that you will be given in NLP India to expand your capabilities in your chosen field.

Second Rule, VARIED Training

There’s something interesting about memory—it’s not one single thing. For example, there’s verbal memory and visual memory, each is dominating very different parts of the brain. The training programs in NLP India involve a rich sensory experience of visual and audios to improve these separate perceptual and memory systems. The good ones will also tap different math and verbal retention abilities too, among other things. 

The intelligence quotient of the brain doesn’t just involve a single skill, so training on one thing doesn’t promise benefits in something else. So keep in mind that to see benefits in a broad sense, you’ll need to train your brain in lots of different skills. The purpose of training the brain in different things is to enhance your own limited thought process and to make you charged up all the time. 

Third Rule, GENERALIZED Training

It is important for you to ask a question to yourself “what kind of change you are looking for yourself” Are you worried about your one specific problem or you are looking for the overall change in your life. Always remember brain is as the ever-changing thing, it carries all the memories and tends to change, so whatever program you want to enrol for, first of all, you have to be sure of what exactly the thing you are looking at. Once you decide this is the change you are looking at, Dr David will be able to train you likewise. The training will differ from person to person as well as varied needs, but according to Dr Lincoln, a generalized training is very important because of narrower the vision, narrower the growth. Always look for the bigger picture and look for a generalized training where you will be taken care of your overgrowth and positive changes in life.