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Dr. David Lincoln & Rana Lincoln Das - Hero for NLP in India
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NLP Business Practitioner to Increase Business Performance

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Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP in short form comprises of three tools that we have since our birth within our body. Neurology, Language and Programming; these three components define this term NLP. Neurology has come from the fact that our body consists of neurons and neurological system of our body defines how our body functions, Language is off course is a tool in which we communicate with others as well as with ourselves and Programming, which means how we function in everyday life.

We took birth with some kind of neuro linguistic programming inside our body that mostly defines us, like we speak certain languages, we eat certain kinds of food, we study as per our curriculum, we set goals based on what we have studied in school, college, universities and then set out on the journey of our life.

It’s only during the journey of our life, we all of a sudden realized that something is missing; life is not happening the way it should be, and we are stuck. We don’t understand why are we stuck? what is the reason of being stuck, why we are not able to grow, or even move in some cases, all we feel is suffocation and stuffiness inside our mind.

Neuro linguistic Programming helps to describe the fundamental synchrony between mind and the language and how it affects our behavior and body. We may be working in any organization, we may be doing business, we may be just started figuring our life out, NLP is a tool that can re shape our present and future.

We as human beings cannot see the real picture of life, we always see life the way we perceive it, we give importance to tiny details that life offered us like, fired from job, withheld promotion, stuck in unsatisfied job, broken heart, complicated relationships, and so on. It is not our fault because it is the way we have been designed since the beginning, to look at every minute details instead of taking a step back to have a bigger picture of life. 

Sensory representational system is responsible for this kind of behavior.  We act and react based on our own neuro linguistic programming that actually limit our own mind.

NLP is a very practical and realistic approach towards the life of a human. It is a kind of epistemology that talks about multi –dimensional process about addressing the life that we are living and how can we change it from where it is today. NLP is a specialized tool that helps us to discover our excellence, our power, to enhance our abilities as well as it helps to go deep down inside our sub conscious to understand who we are, where our potential lies, and how we can impact our society, our people, in the most positive way.

The whole game of NLP comprises of two factors our own mind and our environment. There is this universe outside and then there is our mind; it is due to our conditioning, beliefs and other external factors these two things are not in balanced or not in harmony with each other. NLP tries to bring balance and harmony between these two factors.

NLP is a kind of science that is well accepted in very big business organizations Like British Gas, Virgin, Bupa and many more as now people understand an organization cannot grow, if the harmony of the employees and the management is missing or out of balance.

In business as an owner we would always wanted to make the team more effective, having more constructive communication between members of staff and departments, negotiations between business development team and customers are happening more powerfully, also our individual ability to make better decisions, motivate and share vision while overcoming objections and obstacles, NLP business practice can help achieve all these and much more.

NLP can bring out the hidden leader inside us; it can increase the overall performance of the team to an unimaginable height. The growth is visible immensely after taking a NLP business practice session.

Dr David Lincoln of NLPINDIA.NET is one of the most sought after name in the field of NLP programming and specially NLP business Practitioner.

NLP started in the 70’s in the America when two American psychologists Richard Bandler and John Grinder conceived this idea of altering a person’s cognitive, sensory, communicative, behavioral and emotional attributes. David of NLP India studied this subject for over two decades and successfully helps many individuals as well as organizations to achieve excellence in the respective domains. Dr David Lincoln is a psychologist with 40 years of experience started his own Training center in Goa where he teaches various courses on NLP, for both individuals and companies. Thousands of people have been benefitted by his training, they are successfully running companies, all over the India and abroad as well.

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